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Diameter Range

• 4.0 – 35.0mm dia ( Quenched & Tempered )
• 4.0 - 75.0mm dia ( Direct Drawn )


• Good machinability
• Ultra straight
• Low residual stresses
• Low distortion
• Components require no further heat treatment (with QT)

Other Materials

• Medium Carbon
• Freecutting
• Engineering and Alloy steels
• Stainless Steels

Special Products

HYKUT Family

HYKUT family a range of steels which offer an extreme degree of straightness, especially suited to long components, where it is necessary to avoid distortion, even after machining.

HYKUT 90 and HYKUT 101 are the latest additions to the range providing extended fatigue life with improved machinability, more details available on application.

HYKUT 45, 55 and 60 can be supplied in the Quenched and Tempered condition, stress relieved to provide elevated mechanical properties combined with optimum machinability.

High Tensile Stainless Steels

Kiveton Park Steel can supply high tensile cold worked stainless steels with Ultimate Tensile Strength in excess of 1300MPa in diameters up to 50mm, and other cold drawn, ground or peeled bar through the full diameter range, utilising the unique combinations of facilities available on site, including heat treatment, spinner straightening and cutting, grinding, NDT and Ultrasonic Inspection for critical applications.

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